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Post by Observer on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:40 pm

The Wraith

Age (in moons):
5 1/2 moons

Gender (male or female):

History (optional):
Wraith was originally a loner named - coincidence or not - Ghost, due to his pale white pelt and deep blue eyes. He had one sibling, a black she-cat named Phantom. However, the two didn't like each other... At all. In fact, they hated each other, and would let the other to die. And that's what happened in Ghost's case. The two were at their daily fighting, when Phantom clawed both of Ghost's eyes, causing them to bleed greatly and blinding him. But Ghost, wild with pain and fury, attacked the black she - cat, biting her throat. The two tussled, but Phantom had ended up tearing open Ghost's stomach, leaving her younger brother to die.

Ghost became just that, a ghost. Well... more of a wraith, like his name suggested. His sister had been wandering around the forest without a care in the world. Suddenly, she saw her brother, standing in front of her. Although... he had changed. His eyes were pure red, no pupil or iris, just shiny, glistening orbs. Blood poured down from his eyes and onto his cheeks, dripping off onto the grass. His open mouth leaked blood as well. He leaned forward, causing his sister to step back. "Blood doesn't matter, does it?" His voice came and went with the wind, his mouth not moving an inch. She blinked, and he was gone. Then the fox came, and everything went black.

Wraith is a thin, long-legged tom with soft, sleek white fur. He has small paws with surprisingly long, thorn-sharp claws. His tail is rather fluffy and seemingly feathery, like a cloud. Wraith's eyes, however, are deep red orbs, that are eerily shiny, like glass, and blood drips from them. Blood also leaks from his always parted mouth, with long, sharp bloodstained teeth.
The Wraith 2mzb6vk

Wraith, despite being somewhat creepy, is a good guy. He is actually pretty friendly, and will chat away with strangers... This tom hardly ever kills anyone, anyways. He's just there to tell them, "Hey! You're gonna die because you were bad! Karma's hilarious, huh?"
He's also pretty lonely, because he doesn't have a little travel buddy. And who would hang out with a cat with blood gushing from their eyes and mouth? This causes him to be a little crazy up in the head. He has a lot of imaginary friends...
Wraith is also pretty playful, considering his age. He often plays games with other spirits or 'pastas he comes across. Face it, this kit's adorable, even if he has bloody eyes and mouth.

Theme Song (optional):
Hero - Skillet:





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The Wraith Empty Re: The Wraith

Post by Baxter Bled on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:46 pm

aww yeah hes a creepy cutie approval
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