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Post by The HABIT on Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:44 am

Name: Sorrow

Age (in years or months): Died a year and a six months of age

Gender (male or female): Female

History: GET READY FOR THE LONGNESS XDD(thats what he said...)Really complicated XD but lets do it anyway! She was sold at 2 months old and given to a man that lived 10 miles away from her original home. He was very abusive towards the small kit, and often treated her very poorly. One day it went too far, the man had broken the little kit's leg and lefts multiple gashes all over her body. She ran out of the door and down the street. She had ran five miles before she got exhausted and hid in a bush. Soon Cody came upon the little kit and took care of her. But it didnt last, Sorrow was asleep outside under a tree when an unexpected visitor was seen in a few trees over. Sorrow noticed this visitor, and watched closely to his strange behavior. But soon this visitor noticed the small kit and wasnt very happy on being spotted. He was about to abduct her before Cody stepped in. There was a little battle over the small kit, resulting in the tall black trespasser winning. He grabbed the small terrified kit and headed towards the maintenance tunnel, where Slender's followers were located. In order not to raise suspiscion, Observer(her kidnapper) slammed the kits forhead into the concrete and knocked her out. When she awoke, she was surrounded by members of The Collective and the Proxies. Soon later Slender showed up and told the others how they were going to train the kit to become a new Proxy. He then brainwashed Sorrow, erasing all memories of her life before. She trained hard, and was soon made a Proxy. But in her first mission, she met a cat she had not seen in a long time. Cody. This is when her other(funfact #001 Very Happy Proxies sometimes have two personalaties, which generally are the Proxy themself and who they were before becoming a Proxy. In Sorrow's case, her 'other' was her before she was brainwashed) started to come through for the first time. Confused and her head hurt, she ran back towards the Abandoned Hospital. Stuff happened, and she decided she was going to go back and ask this 'Cody' what she knew about Sorrow's past. What she didnt know, was by doing that she had broken an important rule. So Slender sent HABIT on Sorrow, and HABIT managed to capture her and take her to a place where no one can enter or leave unless he allowed it(his house). He began torturing poor Sorrow, and had stabbed out her eye, cut off her ears, broken all of her paws, tore out her claws, raped her, and crushed more then half of her ribs. HABIT soon released her and gave her to Eyeless Jack, where he took her to the Abandoned Mansion in hopes that Lord Zalgo would heal the dying shecat. Zalgo watched as the shecat suffocated to death by choking on her own blood, and went to hell to bring her immortal soul back. Because she died, her Proxy brand was no longer there, making her unbound to Slender/The Administrator. Taking advantage of that, Zalgo made her one of his minions like Eyeless Jack.

Pelt/Physique Description: She has normal-length soft, silver tabby fur. She has a scar above her right eye, her ears and muzzle are tattered, and her left eye is missing leaving a large black gaping hole with black substance streaming from it constantly. Apart from her missing eye and multiple scars, she has a beautiful, lithe shape, and her remaining eye is a breath-taking deep emerald green. She has long metal blades forced into her claw sheaths that are stained blood red.

Personality:Personality: Ever since she came back shes been bipolar. Her moods switch really fast, depending on the situation. But there will be moments when shes extremely depressed, and there will be moments when shes very hyper and up-beat. Dont get on her bad side, trust me you wont live another moment. Most of the time when she seems up-beat, shes not on the inside. She tends to fake being happy just for the sole purpose of not raising any suspicion, she doesnt like to worry the others and because of that keeps up the act. But, she has a soft spot for young ones, and loves taking care of her two kits. She has a deep love for her mate, no matter how he may be.

Who is your character's Proxy owner, or are they neutural?(Slenderman, Zalgo, etc.: Demon of Zalgo

Theme Song (optional): Black Cat by Mayday Parade

Mate: Baxter Bled

Kits: Asher, Emerald

Example of how you rp(you only need to do this on your first bio): a small, lithe, yet beautiful silver-tabby shape slipped through the undergrowth stealthily, huge metal blades jabbing out unnaturally from their sheaths.

Secret Code: "Respect is the key to Happiness"

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