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Post by Observer on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:39 pm

The Punisher

Technically, he'd be about 50 years. But he died at a little over 8 moons.

Male. Durrr!

Punisher was originally named "Cat #14", for obvious reasons. He was going to be trained to run into enemy troops, with a bomb strapped to his back. Specifically under tanks. And then... Boom. But #14 didn't want that. In a battle, he managed to remove his bomb, attach it to a tank, and run off before it exploded, and managing to avoid the bullets. He even saved some of his friends from death, although he did get burned from a nearby explosion.
After escaping to the city, a nice human found him and took care of his burns, before feeding him and allowing him to return to the city.
#14 renamed himself 'Soldier', for obvious reasons. He lived on the streets for a long time. But most cats get injured in the town, and he was one of them. Soldier had been attacked by a dog, breaking his front leg and severing his face.
The loner couldn't move, and he was left in the alleyway to die. But, thankfully (Or unluckily), he survived for two days until a human came along. He picked up the feline and took him to his house.
The human, for some reason, didn't help Soldier at all. Instead, he put some sort of small device on his head. "Just testing. I must see if it works," The man said, though Soldier barely understood. All he caught were "Testing" and "Works". 'Testing what? What will it do?' The bombay thought, before the man pressed a button. Pain was all Soldier could feel as his lower jaw was ripped off by the reversed bear trap. It worked. That was what it was supposed to do. The man took the wounded cat and threw him outside, leaving him to bleed to death.
Soldier had wanted revenge, so he remained on Earth as an angry spirit. A very angry spirit. He plotted his revenge on the human. He planned to kill the man in a 'car accident'. As the evil murderer drove his car, looking for a victim, Soldier formed in the vehicle, and attacked the man. The driver couldn't control his car, causing it to drive right off a bridge. The person had drowned, for the man couldn't swim. Soldier had gotten his revenge, yet he couldn't move on to the place where all dead cats go :I. He had murdered somebody. So the bombay had stayed on the planet, punishing everyone who made a single mistake, whether it's a kit who had wandered too far from home, or an elder who was constantly grumpy. Everyone called the evil spirit "The Punisher" for his punishments, some brutal and bloody, some quick and seemingly painless. He was also known as "Jawless" by some, for Punisher's main form was a black cat with no lower jaw. From his chin to his throat, there was nothing. Sometimes he was just a black cat with glowing amber eyes. At other times, he was a feline wearing a reversed bear trap. Or he could just be a cloud of blood red mist. Some believed Punisher is a sign of bad luck or a warning of an oncoming bad event (Like Mothman >:DDD). Once, he appeared on top of an important building. A day later, it burned to the ground. Another time he appeared on a busy street. A sinkhole opened up, swallowing many cars. One day, he appeared on the coast of a beach. A week later, a tsunami destroyed a part of a city. And so on. People know and fear The Punisher, cat or not.

Like I said in his history, Punisher is a bombay. He has a sleek, shiny black coat, with large, round amber eyes and an elegant build. This tom also has four different forms: A feline who's pelt reflects no light, with glowing amber eyes and a missing lower jaw, a feline who has a normal appearance, but who's eyes lack a pupil, a wounded tom wearing a reversed bear trap, and lastly, a cloud of blood red mist.
Normal Look and the Reversed Beartrap:
The Punisher 11s106s
The Punisher 2ylw8xu

Punisher, when he's not out murdering cats and stuff, is known to be very blunt and super sarcastic. With those two traits, he's pretty rude. He isn't afraid to voice his opinion or criticize others, being very judgmental. And this tom does not like being corrected. At all. Punisher is also very venomous, having rather evil and ill intentions. But, he also is very protective, willing to rescue friends and help out 'pure hearts'.
Strangely, Punisher is also pretty forgiving, as long as the cat is one of his friends or isn't on his bad side.
This bombay, despite being very smart, is also very curious, and likes to explore different places and listen to other cats' conversations.

Theme Song:
He has two:
Breaking Benjamin - Unknown Soldier
The Darkness (Nightcore)

He doesn't care about females. If he had one, he'd be a terrible mate.

He doesn't like kits very much, because he sees them as 'reckless' and 'oblivious'. He would be a terrible father as well. One mistake and he will kill them.



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The Punisher Empty Re: The Punisher

Post by Baxter Bled on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:43 pm

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