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Post by Observer on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:37 pm

His real name is Louis, but he likes being called 'Skinface'.

Unknown. He died at 8 moons.

I'm pretty sure that he's male...

Louis was a very content kittypet. He had a good life, having a good sister, brother, and a very close friend - Cleo, Max, and Simon. They all lived in under the same roof - A very large one at that. The four felines were spoiled. Good food, good toys, good owners. Louis couldn't think life could get any better or any worse.

But, Louis was wrong. Life got worse. Very worse. The four kittypets often went on walks down the sidewalk. Just to have fun. They avoided the road, knowing that a car could come down and hit them. They also avoided the alleys, knowing that there were large, strong felines - Ready to kill some oblivious kittypets.

Max was a very curious cat. He liked to explore new places. So he managed to drag the four to another part of the town. It seemed very nice. Good cats to talk to. Nice architectures.

But the four were too busy wandering around to notice how far away from home they were. And what road they were on.

Soon, the four cats were lost, and midnight came around. Louis, Simon, and Cleo were terrified, but Max assured the three that they would be fine. Of course, the following events were far from fine.

A dark, shady tom would follow them wherever they went. Every time Max would confront him, he'd run off as fast as lightning (Not literally :PPP). They were starting to fear the strange tom, who wordlessly stalked them for the next few hours.

The foursome would wander the alleys, hoping the small tom would leave. But he didn't. The feline randomly appeared in front of them as they leaped over a fence. Louis took a long look at the... monster. He wasn't a cat! Smoke rolled off his black fur, with was soaked in blood. He had long black claws, dripping with blood. But even more frightening was his mask. It was blue with blood splattered all over it. And what was worse... He seemingly was eyeless. Black pits with a strange liquid dripping from them and down his cheeks. He stood where, watching them.

Max was the first to react by screaming at the creature, "What do you fucking want?!" The eyeless tom let them hang, before replying in a demonic voice - sounding as if two cats were talking at once. One voice was smooth and silky, the other low and frightening. He stepped up to Maxwell so that he 'looked' him straight in the eyes. "My preccciousss food... You're kidneysss." With that, the demon swiftly buried his claws into the tabby's eyes and ripped them out. Cleo reacted by leaping onto the monster's back, but he only vanished into smoke. He reappeared behind Cleo and brutally ripped open her throat. As she laid dying, the small tom finished off Max by knocking him over and tearing him open. Then he eyed down Simon and Louis who watched in horror. "Hmm..." The tom mumbled, before walking up to the seemingly frozen toms. He stayed quiet for a moment. That didn't last long, for he pounced on Simon and cut the tom open. He dug around the screaming tabby's organs, before finding his prize - Simon's kidneys. The brown tom screamed in pain, before silently moaning.

Louis was terrified. But he reacted quickly. "Get lost, you asshole!" Then Louis made the worst mistake of his life. He attacked the eyeless tom, biting down hard onto his throat. The demon roared in pain, before rolling over and crushing the smaller tom. He quickly pinned down the blue feline, who trembled in horror as the wound only turned into smoke and repaired itself. "I'm immortal, jerk." And slowly, the demon cut open the tom, terribly painfully - From the neck to his stomach. "And now..." He whispered, before proceeding to slowly rip out Louis's kidney. "Y'know, I'll leave you like thisss. Either you bleed to death or you live knowing that your budsss are dead. Ssso long, sssucker." The cannibalistic tom hissed, before gathering the kidneys and disappearing.

Louis was left laying in pain for about thirty minutes before a teenager came along and noticed the three dead cats and the wounded tom. The girl quickly called the vet, and Lou was taken to the building.

The blue cat had survived. And he was returned to his home. But he wished he didn't. Louis was very unhappy after that, missing his siblings and friend dearly. He was angry. He was miserable. He wanted revenge.

The poor feline had started hurting himself. He would cut his legs, he would gnaw on his paws (Like Tobeh >:I), he would shred his muzzle, just to feel pain. He wanted to feel something. He felt so empty. And that feeling worsened when his owners  - who happened to be very old - passed away. The tom was taken
to a pound. Nobody wanted him because Louis was so antisocial. That and he had many wounds. Louis would proceed to injure himself even more, until he nearly bled to death do to a certain wound.

When Louis reached eight moons, he managed to escape that terrible place. Someone had taken him out of his cage for some reason, and Louis took that chance to run off. He managed to make it to the road, where he waited and waited for a car to come and end him. And sure enough, a car sped by and struck the tom, ending his misery.

The tom didn't rest in peace. He came back as an angry demon. Louis was left with a cold heart, thirsting revenge. He thirsted for blood. The tom managed to cause a nasty car crash, killing the humans involved. The russian blue proceeded to rip off their skin. With his prizes, he took them to a friend he came across - Trendercat. "Make it frightening. I want to strike fear into my victims." And frightening it was. The pale, dull, bloody, dirty different skins were scary. The pale, dull, bloody, dirty skins stitched together were even scarier. The fact that the pale, dull, bloody, dirty skin were worn as a mask was horrifying. Of course, they had holes for his lifeless minty green eyes. And that was also pretty scary.

Louis was no longer known as 'Louis'. He was called 'Skinface' from then on. Skinface continues to lurk in the shadows, slaying anyone he pleases. But this demon still wants revenge. He promised himself that he will avenge his lost family.

(In the real story (That I haven't shared to anyone), he's a human (Durr), and he actually is the main villain who kills Louis and his friends/family. And his real name isn't Louis. He doesn't have a real name. >:I)

Skinface is a purebred Russian blue, thus having beautiful blue fur and an elegant build. With that elegant build comes speed, so Skinface isn't the strongest, but he is very fast. This tom, being a demon, has dull, somewhat reptilian mint-colored eyes. This feline is also covered in self - inflicted scars. His ears are completely shredded as well. He barely has any fur on his paws, due to chewing them up. And, of course, he wears a mask made of human skin.
SF also has a very silky yet demonic voice, somewhat calming and relaxing, despite the scary edge.

Skinface is known to be rather angry. That, and sadistic. He doesn't stalk cats like EJ. He just goes up to them and says, "Yeaaa... I'm gonna kill you now." And then the torture begins. He is seemingly careless, not giving a crap about whats going on around him. Unless it involves friends. Then he will be caring. SF is also likes his revenge. Mess with him, he messes with you. Although he may not seem like it, Skinface is also very calm, and brushes off any insult or threat like it was nothing. Yet again, unless it involves friends.
As you may know (If you read his super long history), Skinface is also one to hold grudges. And he has a huge grudge against Eyeless Jack.
Skinface is also somewhat cheerful, not letting things get to him. He also kills things without even touching them, like causing car accidents, blowing things up, sticking bloodthirsty dogs onto them, and other traps. So, Skinface is pretty smart, too.

Theme Song:
Three Days Grace - Pain:

Durr! He likes his pain.

He isn't interested in females.

He refuses to have them. He hates them...

No one. He's a lone wolf.


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Skinface Empty Re: Skinface

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