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Post by Observer on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:34 pm

Eyeless Jack

Unknown. 1 year at death.


Unknown, but somehow, when he was killed, he had lost his eyes, kidneys, and stomach (I think that's why he eats kidneys! Just my theory). He returned as a demon in order to kill his murderers and satisfy his hunger.

A very small, dark grey tom with a blue mask. His eyes are pitch black and a dark, tar - like substance drips from them (Really a liquified body remains.) Without his mask, he has razor sharp teeth and his eyes are still black with the same liquid. His tongue isn't a tongue at all: It's black tentacles, fitted with razor sharp teeth-like things. But no one has seen him without his mask. Except for the other CP's...
This creature also has razor sharp claws, perfect for slicing victims into bits. They come in handy, too. Because Jack never bites (Only while wearing his mask), he uses his claws to kill.
Jack is specially known for his unique food choice. This tom feeds on his victims' kidneys. Sometimes, if they're lucky, he only will take one and let them live. But he prefers getting both...
Of course, since EJ has no eyes, he can't see. But he has improved senses, similar to Jayfeather. He has a very sharp sense of smell and hearing, and he also can use echolocation and vibrations to get around. By vibrations, he can use his sense of touch to know the shape of objects and stuff. Like... Toph. From Avatar. ಠ_ಠ

Jack, when he's around his friends, is the peacekeeper. He always breaks up the fights, because... Everyone always picks up fight. But EJ is the calmest out of the group, and the most level - headed. But he doesn't like backtalk. Usually everyone is too afraid to sass Jack because #1: He's a demon. #2: He won't hesitate to eat their kidneys. #3: He's pretty scary when he's angry. They don't want to mess with dem mouth tentacles. Obsie learned the hard way...

When he's out and eating kidneys, Jack is all about enjoying the mission. But he also likes to mess with his victim's, too. He will watch them sleep, and when they confront him, he will disappear. He will stalk them wherever the go. He will harass them until they wait for him to come and kill them. That's when he strikes. But this process takes about 3 days. That's all when he wants to have a little fun. When it's necessary, he will finish the job quickly.

Jack is known to be very kind and caring to the others if they're on good terms. He is very protective as well, and will kill anyone who hurts his friends. Or he will at least try.
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The friggin' most fitting themesong EVER!



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Eyeless Jack Empty Re: Eyeless Jack

Post by Baxter Bled on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:37 pm

you cant say never to everything ;3
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