Julian, the last kit of HABIT and Vaermina's little bundle!

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Julian, the last kit of HABIT and Vaermina's little bundle! Empty Julian, the last kit of HABIT and Vaermina's little bundle!

Post by The HABIT on Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:56 am

Oh boy, this ones pretty interesting, so let's get started!

Name: Julian, his Dekn being Impulse

Age (in years or months): Newborn, but he will grow at an extreme rate, and once he's full-grown, he'll stop aging all together.

Gender (male or female): Male

History: Same thing as Maria's, like seriously, they were just born what history will they have? XD

Pelt/Physique Description: He is a bushy smoke-point tom. He is an extremely short Tom, with fur so bushy it's comical. His fur is constantly in knots, and he has a wild look on his face all the time, his emotions so easy to read it's like he's shouting them. His eyes are a light sky blue, with icy definitions around the pupil and out. His claws are abnormally long and jet-black, and he has a bit of an overbite so his teeth poke from the bottom of his top lip. WHAT? A CAT WHO HAS HABIT AS A FATHER AND ISNT LIGHT-COLORED!? Yep. -puts on DEAL WITH IT glasses- Cool
BTW, he has the same thing Vaermina has, having six toes and claws on each of his paws.

Picture: Julian, the last kit of HABIT and Vaermina's little bundle! 5830a24b3c026216a73e2beaeff2e0b4

Personality: Julian is as sick-minded as HABIT, soaking up HABIT's vibes as a kit and going with the flow. You'd think Asher and Julian would get along, but this is NOT the case!! Julian absolutely LOATHES Asher, seeing the kit get constant attention from HABIT. Julian has a very difficult time controlling his emotions, to the point of when he's grown, he manually pierces his right ear with a gauge just to hurt himself out of not knowing how to control his rage. His face and eyes say everything he's feeling, along with his voice. He takes medication in order to control these oddities, without them, he could attack and kill Asher. He also has an extreme case of Schizophrenia, which include mood swings, hallucinations, and voices. He has a very morbid sense of humor, and finds himself quite funny, taking a huge interest to the art of torture. Whether or not this is to impress his father, or if he just actually likes it, it is unknown.

Who is your character's Proxy owner, or are they neutural?(Slenderman, Zalgo, etc.:HABIT

Theme Song (optional): Bad Blood by Creature Feature and Medicine by Hollywood Undead, and a song sort of in the position of HABIT talking about Julian, called My Boy Builds Coffins by Florence and the Machine



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