Maria, one of the kits of HABIT and Vaermina!

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 Maria, one of the kits of HABIT and Vaermina! Empty Maria, one of the kits of HABIT and Vaermina!

Post by The HABIT on Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:31 am


Name: Maria
Age (in years or months): Soon to be a newborn, but like most of HABIT's kids, she grows at an extreme rate of time, but once she's full grown, she stops aging all together
Gender (male or female): Female
History: Maria is the daughter of HABIT and Vaermina, born in The Attic.
Pelt/Physique Description: She is a very tall and slender shecat, with the top of her being a  dark, smoky grey fade in from her muzzle to tail-tip, and a cream white belly and legs. Her eyes are such a deep, dark colored blue, they seem almost black. She is extremely quick and nimble, having needle-sharp claws. She is beautiful with a capital B, often leaving cats in a daze by how quick she is to turn everyone down.
Picture:  Maria, one of the kits of HABIT and Vaermina! Abyssinian-cat-lower1
Personality: She is a straight-forward and quiet, usually only speaking when asked and being sarcastic when she DOES end up speaking. Her snarky mood is pretty odd, but could've been inherited from Evan, who is known to be VERY snarky when pushed to it.
Who is your character's Proxy owner, or are they neutural?(Slenderman, Zalgo, etc.: HABIT
Theme Song (optional): Killpop by Slipknot, whose the person singing about her? Idfk, I couldn't think of anything else being relevant to her.
Mate: nope
Kits: nope

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