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Post by The HABIT on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:13 am

Name: Michael

Age (in years or months): Real age: 3 moons/ Assumed age: 8 months

Gender (male or female):Male

Breed or type of cat(demonstration, demon, Proxy, ETC.): He is half angel, half demon

"Let me let you in on a little something" he began, "I was in an obedience class, back when i had a human owner. It was fine, but all the other kittens treated me awful before my fur was so odd, and my eyes looked like a lizard's. They'd team up and beat on me, call me names, treated me like a nobody. So, I thought I was a nobody. But... Then, when I was in the backyard of my Owner's house, I heard someone talking to me, but...No one was there. It was in my head, a voice. It told me.. That I didn't have to take this. That my pain could stop. It was HABIT, and he told me exactly what I had to do. So, the next day, I was in class, and I pushed a chair in front of the door with..A strength that HABIT was giving me. I couldnt be stopped. I attacked with a blade that was leant to me by the same person to saved me from the harsh words of the world. They didnt stand a chance, all of them, slaughtered. The pelt they mocked for being white and silver was now a red from their life. I hope they regretted their ways in their last breath of life. I have a reason for what i did, even if not all of them did it, no one came to help me. Even a little bit of comfort couldve saved all of their lives" Michael told his story, flexing his claws once while he did so. "a little bit of comfort...." Asher murmured, looking down. "But... I owe HABIT, he showed me to stand up for myself" Michael grinned.

Pelt/Physique Description: He has a super long, sleek coat thats silver/white with pale silver tabby stripes and naturally narrowed, sharp yellow eyes. His pupils are lizard-like, and usually show a LOT of emotion. He is a very tall, nimbly-statured tom, with strong shoulders and large paws. His pelt makes him look twice his size, though, especially when hes fluffed up, so much that HABIT has begun nick-naming him "Lion". Michael has long, jet-black, demonic wingsMichael(main character) Wings-2 like this, but they're about 2x the size of his body. He has horns, ram horns that wrap backwards around his ears, and look like this: Michael(main character) Ram_horns_3_by_dancing_dragon but these only come forth once he has fully grown and decided his path.

Personality:His personality currently is a mix between complete innocence and total, sadistic, sly sarcasm. Later on though when he's fully grown, due to his demonic side taking over his angelic side, his personality is very close to HABIT's...But, he has a very quick temper, quicker than HABIT's, and the torture he does is a mental thing, he has to do it to fill the awful urge within him that longs for blood. If he doesn't, he'll get symptoms of withdrawal. Bad ones.

Who is your character's Proxy owner, or are they neutural?(Slenderman, Zalgo, etc.: HABIT

Theme Song (optional): Monster by Meg and Dia

This literally is his life, from him being bullied, to the cats he cages, kills, tortures, and rapes Very Happy

The only thing its missing is his stripes,
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Kits: None

Silbings: He does have a sister, but she was just born, and no one knows about her yet. Her name is Amelia, but that is for another story.

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