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Post by Vaermina on Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:33 am

Name: Tariq (Night Visitor in Arabic)
Age (in moons): Appears about 1 month old but he walked with the Egyptians.
Gender (male or female): Male
History (optional): Will be revealed bit by bit in rp
Description: Tariq's fur is an odd blueish ash color on top and a rustic red color on his legs and knob of a tail, as well as his neck and outlined features of his face. His mouth is white, but that's about it. His nose is a russet color along with his pads. Tar's eyes are an emerald green.
Proxy Owner: Laughing Jack
Personality: Tariq is unable to speak on his own, and often avoids doing so around others as to not scare them away. He may mimic the voice of those near him, or the cat that was most recently encountered. Though he can not purr or hiss, as a defense mechanism he can let out the pained scream of his attacker. It's quite chilling actually, most let go. With practice, he could easily mimic ten cats, but one is the limit without it. When he exceeds his capability  the breath is almost immediately taken from him. The amount of white liquid that falls from his mouth is determined by how many and how long he mimics a cat, the flow will gradually increase. He's learned to control himself most of the time, but still has times where anger will seep through. Causing his eyes to glow amber and be a sufficient flashlight. He operates in stealth, being able to almost completely melt into the shadows, but can use brute force if needed. He can fight by issuing certain combinations of taps and scratches along any hard surface. The possibilities of things he could do are endless, but each command takes it's toll on him. Killing a normal cat with it's specific code would put him out of commission for anywhere from a week to a month, any immortal being would put him out for one to 50 years depending on it's power, and killing something like Zalgo or Slender would destroy him in the process. He would die before the complex combination was anywhere near completed.
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Theme Song (optional):

Mate: Nope Nope Nope Nope
Kits: Nope
(Basically just posted for quick references)

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